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27. The Revolt by Chibi-Pika 27. The Revolt :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 146 1 26. The Johto Force by Chibi-Pika 26. The Johto Force :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 57 4 25. The Heart of a Rocket by Chibi-Pika 25. The Heart of a Rocket :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 47 0 24. Old Friends and New Enemies by Chibi-Pika 24. Old Friends and New Enemies :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 50 0 23. Betrayal by Chibi-Pika 23. Betrayal :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 23 1 22. Desperate Hour by Chibi-Pika 22. Desperate Hour :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 101 4 21. Scars by Chibi-Pika 21. Scars :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 42 0 20. Ultimatum by Chibi-Pika 20. Ultimatum :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 20 1 19. Fury and Lightning by Chibi-Pika 19. Fury and Lightning :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 114 1 18. The Titans of the Elements by Chibi-Pika 18. The Titans of the Elements :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 134 4 17. The Ruins by Chibi-Pika 17. The Ruins :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 219 3 16. Reunion by Chibi-Pika 16. Reunion :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 46 2 15. Mewtwo by Chibi-Pika 15. Mewtwo :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 125 4 14. Double Agents by Chibi-Pika 14. Double Agents :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 69 1 13. Encounter in the Hideout by Chibi-Pika 13. Encounter in the Hideout :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 75 2 12. The Incarnation of Thunder by Chibi-Pika 12. The Incarnation of Thunder :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 54 5


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27. The Revolt

Stalker put a hand to his forehead. “Right, I don’t suppose you told them that, either.   Jade, Astrid… do either of you know exactly how you three escaped from the Viridian base?”

“Are you saying that you do know?” she asked, fixing him with an incredulous glare.  “You weren’t exactly there.”

It would have been easy for anyone else to miss it, but I’d known him long enough to catch the tiny glint in his eye.  Like he’d been waiting for someone to ask him that, and was already relishing the chance to explain.

“I admit that it took me a long time to figure it out.  I watched the security footage and reviewed the reports all night.  You two somehow managed to disappear within a crowd that was actively looking for you, then make it all the way to the transport wing without any Rockets or cameras spotting you.  And you did it all with an Umbreon at your side for seemingly no reason.”

Read the rest here: FFN | AO3

>More LC art here<

26. The Johto Force
My eyes swept over her Pokémon warily as I stepped forward into their midst.  Feraligatr jerked its head upward, leering suspiciously at me the entire time.  Arcanine, on the other hand, refused to look at me—the firedog kept its hateful gaze firmly on a tree further down the trail, as though it were trying to set it on fire with just its eyes.  Flareon glanced around at the others uneasily, folding its ears back and flicking its fluffy tail from side to side.  Rapidash stood calmly off to the side, eyes closed and flames flickering gently in the wind.  Raichu… I could hardly look at Raichu without feeling sick, so I didn’t.

Read the rest here: FFN | AO3

>More LC art here<

25. The Heart of a Rocket
“Are you under the impression that your actions here will decide their fate?” Giovanni asked, once the silence had gone on too long.  “They are enemies of Team Rocket.  It should be quite obvious what will happen to them either way.  This decides your fate, not theirs.”

She took a half step backwards, hands trembling, staring at him wide-eyed.  “Please, no.  I’ll do anything… anything at all…”

“I have generously offered you the opportunity to prove your loyalty,” her leader snapped.  “You will accept it, or you will be regarded as no different from the likes of them.  This discussion is over.”

Read the rest here: FFN | AO3

>More LC art here<

24. Old Friends and New Enemies
She gaped at the both of us, shaking her head in total disbelief.  “I can’t.  Believe.  I actually cared about you two!” she yelled, pointing forward and signalling for her Raichu to attack.  The orange mouse gave an impatient cry and jumped in front of her, yellow cheek pouches already sparking.  Without wasting a second, Pichu dashed forward, readying a Thunderbolt of her own and launching it at the same instant Raichu did.  The two bolts collided in midair, shooting out waves of sparks and strings of lightning in all directions.

“You want to keep testing my loyalty?!” she yelled.  “Fine!  Then be ready for me to prove you wrong!”

Read the rest here: FFN | AO3

>More LC art here<

23. Betrayal
Lavender Town only had one trainer’s café, and it was tiny.  Given Aros and Stygian’s size, we had to eat at one of the outdoor tables, which was less than ideal given the cold wind blowing in from the sea.   Everyone argued over who got to sit next to Firestorm, we talked about our upcoming trip to Johto, and for a little while it actually felt like things were normal.

After eating, the walk back from the cafe was considerably less miserable than the walk to it had been.  That kind of bothered me.  I wasn’t allowed to be feeling kind of alright.  Not after what had happened last night.  Not after what Rudy was going through.  Not after what Chibi was going through. There was no such thing as normal anymore, but it was like all the pain and despair had just melted into background noise that I could barely sense anymore.  It was just the way things were.  This was life now.

Read the rest here: FFN | AO3

>More LC art here<

I'm sorry I've been so inactive on here. v_v  These past two months have been the hardest I've ever had.  I live far away from everyone I know, and half my weekend is spent just driving back to them all the time.  It's almost over though, as if everything goes well, I'll be moving in two weeks.  Still, I'm gonna really try to finish up my remaining commissions before them, as it's just ridiculous that they've taken this long. Especially since they're so close to being done.

So expect more from me in the near future!



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